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What is the Simplest Quilt pattern For a New Quilter?


In this fast moving modernized world, people do not have much time to spend with their loved ones; everyone is involved in a rat race for reaching the highest standard. In such a case, personalized gifts always seem like a better option to show affection. It is a nice way to spend some quality time, and if you are a quilter, what is better than a handmade quilt, a cozy snuggle buddy for your favorite in the family. 

If you are a first timer and dreading before starting your project, follow this blog to know the simplest pattern you can try for making your very first quilt. Gather up all the materials, scraps, and fabric remnants. Moreover, we have detailed the use of charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes of fabrics. It’s a plus if you get your hands on them while they are up for sale!

How to Make an Easy Pattern Quilt? 

Quilting is fairly easy; all you need is a learning vigor in you and an anchor to start with. Let’s get into further details regarding quilting and the steps of making it with ease. As a beginner, the talk about precut fabric materials such as charm packs or jelly rolls and cutting sewing techniques may be overwhelming. Therefore, we have first discussed quilting steps for you. 

Quilts are made from top layer patchwork, a warm middle layer batting with a backing fabric at the bottom. Here is a stepwise breakdown of the quilting process: 

  1. Pick your quilt pattern – the choice is yours; pick the easiest for starting your journey. 
  2. Choose the right fabric – go for high quality cotton specific for quilting that will have wear and tear effects after some time. 
  3. Cut the fabric – follow the pattern instructions carefully, use a rotary cutter, mat and ruler for cutting the fabric along the design lines. 
  4. Piece the quilt top – now stitch the fabric pieces together according to the pattern, ensure accuracy of ¼ inches seam allowance. 
  5. Assemble the items together – once you are done with the top, add the batting layer and the quilt back. 
  6. Quilt the layers together 
  7. Trim and bind your quilt – after quilting the layers, trim them to form an even square, sew on the binding for encasing the edges.  

Determining Beginner Friendly Quilt Pattern 

Simple shapes are amongst the best and easiest patterns as a starting point. They are easy to assemble and detailed with instructions. 

Easy and Simple Shapes                          

If you want the easiest quilt pattern, you should opt for regular shapes such as rectangles or squares. They cut and sew easily and look neat—no curves or edges for untidy or messy work. 

Precut Fabric 

Using precut fabrics such as charm packs, layer cakes or jelly rolls will save you a lot of time in preparing and cutting the fabric. 

Larger Patchwork Pieces 

Quilt patterns that use larger fabric pieces sew easily and consume less time than small fabric pieces. Larger blocks have lesser seams and matching points. 

Detailed Pattern 

Search for a pattern that has step by step instructions with visuals or images to follow throughout the process. 

Easiest Quilt Pattern for a Beginner 

A simple square patchwork quilt is one of the most uncomplicated designs to work on as a beginner. The patches are sewn together in a simple grid pattern. You can also cut squares from your own fabric piece or can also make use of precut packs such as charm packs. 

Moreover, making strip quilts is also easy for rookies. It requires long strips that are sewn together to give the striped effect. You necessarily do not need scraps or large strips; precut fabrics can also help in cutting thin pieces for your quilting project. One pack jelly roll is the best for this design. 

Essential Supplies Needed 

Once you are through with fabric and pattern pick, it is time that you gather all the required materials in one go. We suggest making a checklist so that you do not forget any essential supplies. You would not need fancy tools; here are some basic ones: 

  1. A rotary cutter 
  2. 6x inches ruler 
  3. Cutting matt – self healing version
  4. Straight pins 
  5. Iron with a board 
  6. The sewing machine of your choice

Can You Quilt Using a Regular Sewing Machine? 

Yes, it is possible; you can piece a quilt top using a regular sewing machine. Straight line quilting is easy with a walking foot attachment or free motion quilting with a foot. 

Where Can You Find Quilting Fabric and Precuts?

We suggest you browse our website at and select the best quality fabric and patterns for an optimum quilting experience.

What to Do If the Squares Are Not Lining Up Properly?

If you are in such a situation, then press the seams on the left row first then the next row on the right. 

Now what is left is pinning every junction with the seam, which feel like backs together to each other instead of on top. 

What to do About Wavy Edges While Making Quilt?

Your borders may be too long, and for correction, you must vertically measure through the center of your quilt and cut 2 side borders of the exact same length. Now, pin the center, the ends, and in between. 


Selecting fabrics can be a daunting task. Do not worry; head to Royal Motif Fabrics; we have everything you will need to start your quilting journey. 

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