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What are the benefits of choosing a specific lining fabric?

Choosing the right lining fabric is essential for many reasons. First, different fabrics have different properties that can affect both the look and feel of your garment. For example, a cotton lining will be much softer than a silk one, and a linen fabric will drape nicer than a cotton or polyester one. Additionally, certain fabrics can be more water resistant or heat-resistant, which is especially important if you plan on storing your clothing in the closet or taking it on vacation. Finally, some fabrics are simply more comfortable to wear - for example, wool feels nice and warm against the skin, while silk feels luxurious. There are definitely plenty of benefits to choosing a specific lining fabric!

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Scuba Fabric Facts 101

As soon as you hear the words "scuba fabric," we assume that you would straight go off to the material used in making scuba diving gears. You are not wrong with the approach since the name gives it away; however, in reality, a scuba fabric is different; let us dig a little more into it.

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What Is Quilting Fabric, And Why Is It Different From A Regular One?

Quilting fabric is unlike regular fabric, as there are a few key differences between these two. Firstly, quilting fabric is thicker than most - making it ideal for things such as batting and insulation.

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Choosing The Best Fabric For Your Shirt - Is Cotton The Best?

Whenever we decide to shop for either sewing or any pre-made article, one thing that crosses the mind when selecting is, which is the best fabric for a shirt? With so many options available in the market, making the decision can be overwhelming.

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Types Of Fabric For Wedding Wear

The wedding is a very special occasion for everybody, the bride and groom, family and friends etc. everyone wants to dress their best and give a crisp appearance in the ceremony. So, when it comes to wedding attire, there are a multiple kinds of fabrics that can be used.

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Linen vs Cotton: Which Is Better?

Summers are all about cool and comfortable fabric materials, and what is better than cotton and linen, these 2 lie amongst the best ones. Both of them have somewhat similar uses ranging from blouses to full dresses or even home textiles items like bed sheets and curtains. However, other than that, what is the difference between these two mentioned fabrics? 

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