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What To Do With Christmas Decorative Fabric?

Still figuring out what you want to do with last year’s Christmas fabric? Well, why not minimize spending this year and use maximum leftovers? Sounds good, right! If you are looking for ideas, this piece is for you. There are so many options out there, but it is not possible to write everything down together.
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5 Exciting DIY Options for Your Christmas Crafting Projects

Christmas is the perfect time to get back in sewing action. Sewing in the holiday season is very comforting and rewarding as well. Nothing beats personalized, thoughtful gifts, and what better thing to give something handmade. We have tried incorporating wide-ranging ideas covering choices for decoration, gift bags, or wrapping ideas in this piece. Fortunately, Moda fabrics are here to aid your Christmas collection needs.

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How to Use Jelly Roll Strips for Quilting

As a fellow quilter, I always debate with myself before choosing the perfect precut fabric for my items. Having extensive options to choose from often becomes daunting. This blog is for you if you are confused between layer cake, jelly rolls, fat eighth, or a charm pack! We have elaborately discussed jelly roll fabric and how to use them in various quilting projects. 

My inclination towards quilting during Christmas led me to discover the ease of using jelly roll fabrics. Once

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Wondering How Many Yards of Fabric Are in a Layer Cake?

Winter season is upon us, and it now is the time to get on to sewing. Cold nights and the warmth of a quilt with a cup of coffee are something all of us are looking forward to. Planning to make a quilt on your own for the first time? You must be confused about the layer cake and how much fabric to use, right? Do not worry; this blog has your answer and probably additional information that may help. 

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What Is The Most Popular Size of Precut Fabric?

If you are new to quilting, the talk about fat quarters, jelly rolls or charm packs might be confusing. You really do not know what is going on and we are sure that the names do not mean what they really are. So, the question remains, what are these specially precut fabrics? Keep on reading this blog, once done you will have all the knowledge needed to start your journey with precut fabric for quilting.

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A Guide To Different Types of Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric is an all rounding champ and is fairly popular amongst artisans and customers in the fabric industry. It is a versatile material available in multiple textures and thicknesses. Their wide range makes them a hit amongst users, be it lawn garments or moleskin – cotton is the way to go!

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