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How to Use Jelly Roll Strips for Quilting


As a fellow quilter, I always debate with myself before choosing the perfect precut fabric for my items. Having extensive options to choose from often becomes daunting. This blog is for you if you are confused between layer cake, jelly rolls, fat eighth, or a charm pack! We have elaborately discussed jelly roll fabric and how to use them in various quilting projects. 

My inclination towards quilting during Christmas led me to discover the ease of using jelly roll fabrics. Once done, you will have ample options and ideas to use it and why it is one of the best cuts available. Let’s move on. 

What are jelly roll fabric strips? 

Jelly roll strips are precut fabric bundles of forty-four to forty-five inches long with two and a half inches width. Every manufacturer has given a different name to it. The number of rolls is not fixated. However, most of the manufacturers give out forty roll bundles. Not only the amount but distinct names have also been designated to them.

The introduction of jelly roll fabric strips led the quilters into a new dimension of time-saving quilting. At first, the people were mesmerized with the use of strips after piercing, but the whole dynamics changed with the debut of precut strips.

How to Use Jelly Roll Strips for Quilting 

You can use jelly roll strips fabric for any project you want. Be it a festival or for college DIYs, jelly roll fabric will never disappoint. There are a wide variety of options available.

  1. Jelly roll race
  2. Scrappy quilt from Jelly roll strips
  3. A placemat
  4. Jelly roll fabric scarves
  5. Oven mitts using jelly roll fabric strips
  6. Rail fence quilt
  7. Tote bag using jelly roll
  8. Festive table runner-christmas
  9. String quilt option
  10. Cushion cover

5 Tips for Using Jelly Roll Fabric Strips

  • Make sets of strips together in patch blocks of 9, 16, or 25 stitched together and cross-cut together in 2 and ½” width.
  • With Christmas approaching, a tote bag made with jelly roll fabric can work as a good budget-friendly gift.
  • Cut 2 and ½” squares from the strip and make flying geese pattern. (A rectangle-shaped patch which is very long with a triangle at the center). They work best for patchwork borders.
  • Orphan blocks are great for a scrap quilt. Cut two jelly roll fabric strips for the top and another two for the bottom and frame them.
  • Another way to utilize them is to make log cabin blocks. Take small pieces to make the log cabin border.

How to Make a Jelly Roll Quilt

If you are a fan of simple sewing, then jelly roll fabric strips are best for quilting or any project you want to work on. For rookies or people who have less time to spare, it is the best choice.

Let’s get started! Here is a step-wise process that will guide you through. After getting done with this, you will have a beautiful quilt in hand.

Step 1- Inventory

Gathering materials for your work is the most important step. It is best to be clear about your requirements. Make a list and check off everything you buy one by one. This way, you will know where you stand. Here’s a list of what is needed to make a quilt using jelly roll fabric strips.

  • The fabric strips
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Thread- a lot of it
  • Backing material
  • Pins- straight and safety; both types
  • Iron- optional

Step 2 – the splitting of jelly roll fabric strips

Separate the precut strips. Usually, they are placed together by color or pattern arrangement. It is up to you how to use it. If your vision is to get a multi-colored look, a mixed-up quilt pattern, you should separate the color. However, in case of a blocky final look, we would advise you to use it intact.

Unwind the strips and sort them. Now, take one from each pile and stitch them together in sequence.

Step 3 – Making of quilt tops 

Now, sew the ends of the jelly roll fabric strips together to make the quilt top. Take two types of colors and join their ends. Just be sure to join the same ends, back or front of both together. Next, attach the third strip to the short end of the second strip of the material. Take fourth and attach with the third one’s end. In this manner keep on stitching the jelly roll fabrics together.

Step 4 – Trimming of Strings between the strips

Once done with the stitching of all strips together, cut the strings between them, if any.

To make the seams not appear side by side, cut off 18 inches from the end strip and dispose of the piece if you want.

Fold right sides of the strip together to join the two short ends together. Now, move on the long strip edge, fastening it, and stop when you get 1/4” from the edge. Be careful; it should be even and neat. Tug the fabric of the jelly roll to make sure it is tight. Cut it at the fold. Move through the longer edge and cut along the fold when you reach the shorter end.

Keep on folding and sewing. Fold the short edge while sewing the long edge with a cut along the fold until the top reaches 50 inches in width. Keep on cutting until you return to the seam where you stitched.

Step 5 – Finish the quilt

Lay the quilt top made out of the jelly roll fabric strip on the floor or the working station. Position it top right with the main colorful focus facing down. Next, measure the dimensions, length, width of everything for accurate measurement of the inner material and batting.

Cut the inner fabric and batting according to the measurement of your quilt top. Additionally, cut two, 3 inches long, and three inches wide strips the same as the quilt top.

Now, place the batting fabric inside behind the quilt top and inner material facing the underside over the batting material. In easy words, squish the batting material between the quilt top and inner material.

Pin them together to make sure the materials stay put during the stitching process.

Finally, begin the sewing. Start from the center of your quilt and move along in a straight line. Repeat for all directions. Once you are done, remove the safety pins and add the borders you cut previously.


If you are planning to gift someone a beautiful quilt this Christmas, start making one with jelly roll fabric strips. It is easy and pretty convenient to use. Head to Royal Motif Fabrics to get the perfect selection of fabrics and inventory at the best prices and fast shipping.

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