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Are you looking for a high-quality elastic? Royal Motif Fabrics presents Dritz elastic to give you constant support. 

Dritz lightweight elastics are gently ribbed and designed to narrow when they are pulled. You can use them for various purposes, from sleeves and waistbands to swimsuit leg bands and necklines. The elastic is dryable and machine washable. It is also safe in bleach, saltwater, and chlorine. Scroll down to find high-quality elastic of various lengths and colors. 

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Dritz - 1/4″ Knit Non-Roll Elastic White 3 yd long
37  in stock
Dritz - 1/4″ Braided Elastic Black 3 yd long
40  in stock
Dritz - 1/4″ Knit Elastic White 3 yd long
39  in stock
Dritz - 1/4″ Knit Elastic Black 3 yd long
38  in stock
Dritz - 1/8″ Braided Elastic Black 4 yd long
9  in stock
Dritz - 1/4" Cotton Braided Elastic White 65 yd long
7  in stock
Dritz - 1/4" Cotton Swimwear Elastic Natural - 75 Yd long