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What Is The Most Popular Size of Precut Fabric?


If you are new to quilting, the talk about fat quarters, jelly rolls or charm packs might be confusing. You really do not know what is going on and we are sure that the names do not mean what they really are. So, the question remains, what are these specially precut fabrics? Keep on reading this blog, once done you will have all the knowledge needed to start your journey with precut fabric for quilting.

When it comes to popularity of a precut size, there is not one which is superior to the other, every size has its individual importance according to the project.

What are Precut Fabrics?

Manufacturers release fabric collections that have a theme going on. It is like a group being released of either solids or kids etc. Various people especially quilters, require a lot of different sizes for their projects. Therefore the manufacturers will cut them and stack them together and sell off as precut fabric bundles. This way the quilters do not need to buy multiple yards individually. Let’s have a look at the specific bundles available.

Fat Quarter Precut

A fat quarter is simply a quarter yard cut out of a fabric piece which roughly measures around 18 inches x22 inches. This quilt fabric precut is so named because it is thicker and wider than a regular quarter-yard cut of 9 inches x44 inches. Both of the precut fabric pack give same sized end result, however their shape and uses differ.

Ultimately, the width determines overall size of the fat quarter precut. A yard is 36 inches long, on the other hand quilting cotton has width size 41 inches or 4 45 inches therefore fat quarters usually measure 18x20 inches others 18x22 inches. It best that you check the sizes and select accordingly. A fat quarter precut fabric pack is suitable for making quilts, bags, purses, pillow cases etc.

Fat Eighth

It is an eighth-yard precut quilting fabric measuring 9 inches x22 inches. This precut piece is so named because it is wider than a regular eighth yard cut. Just like fat quarters the length of fat eight cut is measured by width of the entire fabric. Some are sized 9 inches x21 inches or 9 inches x22 inches. Ensure proper size checking before buying. These are pretty affordable quilting precut bundles and sufficient for a scrappy project.

Charm Pack

Charm packs, stackers, charm squares or mini charm packs are few of the alternatives for this precut piece. A charm pack is a stack of 5 inches squares having 1 piece of each print from an entire collection; however, the designs can repeat in the pack.

Mini charm packs are collection of 2.5 inches x2.5 inches square piece of fabric. They are feasible to store and used for small quilting or other projects. On the other hand, regular charm packs are 5 inches x5 inches squares and are very popular precut fabric for regular sized quilting.

Moda Fabrics is popular in making precut pieces in the form of charm packs which contains 42, 5 inches squares. The collection may have duplicate prints depending on pack size.

Jelly Roll

Jelly roll fabric is no less than a puzzle, they are often referred to as fabric rolls of 2.5 inches x42 inches strips of fabric. They are rolled up together usually containing 40 strips each. Jelly rolls are a good choice when making quilts, strappy bags, bindings etc.

Layer Cake

It is a sewing term used for a pack of 10 inches squares of fabric put together. Typically, a layer cake precut fabric consists of approximately around 42, 10 inch squares. They are set together on the basis of either their color or pattern. This fabric precut piece is most popular for making quilts. Because of wide variety available in the pack. Layer cakes are cost-effective with minimal wastage. Additionally, they allow groupings of coordinated fabric without having the need to purchase larger amounts.

 Half-Yard Fabrics

A yard is typically 36 into the width of fabric inches and is a fairly good purchase when making a quilt. A half yard measures 18 inches xWOF (width of fabric) and is usually the best size to play with enough patterns.  

 Advantages of Using Precut Quilting Fabrics

  1. Fabric matched to perfection

You get an entire collection of designs together in a form of packs. These small packs are convenient and help in getting a hand on multiple designs.

Each manufacture is unique and adds fabric pieces accordingly; some may include panels or borders and duplicate designs others may not. So read the descriptions carefully before finalizing your purchase.

  1. Time Saver

This is probably the major reason why precut fabrics for quilting or other purposes are so popular. There is no need of cutting since they are already set for use, so if you deduct the time saved from cutting, you will finish your project comparatively sooner..

  1. Aesthetic

Bundles together are aesthetically pleasing. These color coordinated bundles are perfect for sewing any kind of project you want.

  1. Cost-effective

There is no need of spending a lot on getting different yards of multiple fabrics. Save money, get precut pieces and start off with your project.

  1. Less Wastage

Getting precut fabrics means you have exactly the amount you’ll need that would greatly reduce the wastage element while working on a project. 

Get started with your quilting journey which is made easy with the help of these precut squares. Select appropriate size and make sure to read the description carefully. In case of any troubles reach out to us at Royal Motif Fabrics; we are here to help you.

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