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What Are the different types of Fleece fabrics?


Choose The Best Fleece Fabric Amongst These 7 Types

Primarily, the word fleece is a name given to wool collected from the sheep. It is the type of material that is first collected and then treated to make it fit for creating beautiful garments. In this day and age, fleece-type material is created using polyester thread.

Non-organic or unnatural fleece is typically prepared from polyester fiber that is obtained from plastic and then converted into a thread. It is then woven and brushed to make it fluffy, which mimics the real material.

Fleece is excellent for making cold-weather garments and blankets etc. It is an easy to sew fabric that proves its importance in helping the earth use up plastics before it is thrown out in the ocean or incinerated.

How Many Types of Fleece Fabrics are Available? 

Fleece is versatile and shows its use in multiple forms ranging from cloth lining to stand-alone fabric. In this blog, we have enlisted 7 different types for you. Each is unique in its own way and has a different usage, read along to know which one is the best for your project.

Anti-pill fleece

One of the downsides of fleece fabric is that it can easily pill up, which is because of the fibers. How does it happen? The fibers pill up by rubbing together, resulting in abrasion or static electricity at the time of washing. This ultimately causes the fibers to knot up and form small balls on the surface of the fabric, which are termed pills.

This issue led to the creation of anti-pill fleece. Just like the name suggests, this kind of fleece shows resistance to pilling, which is caused due to washing or wear. The phenomenon behind it is that the fleece is treated with a chemical helping its fibers prevent from getting entangled, thereby reducing pilling.

You may think that anti-pill fleece is the answer to all your troubles; however, the situation is a bit complicated. While anti-pill fleece by the name seems like it would never form pills that is not the case. However, it will protect the fabric for longer than any other.

Garments prepared with this type are aesthetically more pleasing than regular ones, and it is best suited for making every day wear or frequently washed clothes such as sleepwear pajamas.

Blizzard Fleece  

It is the type of fabric that feels softer and smoother in comparison to the anti-pill version of it. This means that blizzard fleece will feel better when it brushes against the skin. Moreover, not only does it feel soft but it will also help keep you warm since it is dense. This property makes it ideal for blankets, and gloves kind of items.

Blizzard fleece fabric shows great durability and longevity since it is made from 100 percent polyester fiber. However, one of its drawbacks is pilling because it is not treated in chemicals like anti-pill ones.

Cotton Fleece 

Unlike most kinds on this list that are synthetically made from polyester, cotton fleece is exactly as it sounds; it is made out of cotton. The production basis is the same for cotton fleece fabric, just like the ones made with synthetic materials. First, the fibers are woven and turned into yards, knit into fleece fabric, and then finally brushed.

Another significant difference between cotton fleece fabric and ones made from synthetics is that cotton is more breathable. Few kinds feel stuffy. However, cotton fleece does it better – it circulates the air all the while still providing warmth. On the other hand, cotton has the tendency to shrink, which is a strong point when considering different types of fleece fabric for your use.

Bonded Fleece 

Just like the term indicates, bonded fleece deciphers as the one which is bonded to something other matter. Fleece fabric is excellent for use as a lining bonded to a denser or heavier material for clothing items such as jackets or outerwear. This results in warm but resistant clothing to elements such as the wind in harsh climates.

Bonded fleece may also refer to 2 pieces bonded together in order to create a double-sided effect. You will find this kind of fleece fabric being used mostly for a plaid shirts. Or used in particular for outerwear that does not necessarily have to be as warm and comfortably heavy as a jacket. It is suggestible as a light outer layer for cool days. 

French Terry 

French terry varies significantly compared to other types of fleece here present on the list. This kind is slender, therefore does not have the same end-uses. You may find this material in use for making sweatshirts, light hoodies for wearing in fall or early spring may be even summers or shorts.  

French terry makes great loungewear, too, since this fleece fabric is not fluffy like other types; why so? Because of no brushing. Moreover, it also has a loose weave, thus is better in breathability. Usually, fleece does not stretch too much; on the contrary French terry is stretchier. However, there is one downside, since it lacks texture as opposed to other types of fleece, it is not as warm.

Micro Fleece 

Micro fleece is the thinnest amongst all and therefore carries the least weight, less than 200 grams per square meter. And due to this, micro fleece is comfortable to don since it does not weigh you down. Although it is not as insulating as other kinds, and hence it is not warm.

Plush Fleece 

Plush fleece is ultra-soft, luxurious, usually set aside to make heavy throw blankets. This kind of fleece seems like fur and is popular because of its softness, warmth, and comfort. However, it is not an ideal choice ideal to make clothing because of its heaviness. Just like the name indicates, this fleece is more expensive than others due to its thickness and texture. Plush fleece sheds; therefore, it is necessary to work on the ends while sewing, appropriately.


Choosing the right fleece fabric, be it cotton, anti-pill, or micro, starts from the end-user's vision. You must be fully aware of your aim in order to select the perfect piece for yourself. If you are confused, always opt for buying the fleece fabric in a clearance sale. Grab as many pieces as you can for options. We at Royal Motif Fabrics have experts awaiting to answer any questions and render their services in this matter. In case of any query, contact us today.

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