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How to Clean Glow in the Dark Fabric?


Glow in the dark fabric is deservedly considered one of the best innovations of the textile industry. This glowing material is also known as luminescent fabric and is fairly popular. . This self-glowing technology radiates without Ultra-Violet (UV) or any other external source of illumination. This fabric’s main task is to glow in the dark freely. There are many options for using this edgy fabric; you can use it as a garment – t-shirt, uniform, or even quilts!

Glow in the dark quilt fabrics may not seem something familiar, but it is one of the most exquisite quilts you can make for your children or grand-children. This particular fabric is easily charged from every light source, natural or artificial, with different influx intensities. Possible sources of charging are:

  • House lamps
  • Office lights
  • Regular Flashlights
  • Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation

There is no limit when it comes to donning a glow in the dark fabric, from concert t-shirts to uniforms to using it for quilting, perfect for all of these occasions.

One of the qualities of using glow in the dark fabric is that multiple colors can be used at once, and every pigment will shine uniquely. This technology instantly grabs the attention of the viewer. It is perfect for occasions like the 4th of July, Halloween. If your child is reluctant to go to bed on time, using a fancy glow in the dark quilt can ease their anxiety, lure them in going to bed and make your life easy.

How to Clean Glow in the Dark Fabric?

There are no complex instructions involved; glow in the dark fabric is easily washable, just like any other regular fabric. The manufacturing process ensures that the pigment used stays in the fabric even after being washed.

We recommend using cold water with fabric friendly soap or detergent, whichever is feasible for you—air dry after washing, and if possible to not put them in a dryer.

Usually, the fabric withstands many washing cycles.  Ironing is a bit tricky and can be solved using  a normal steel iron with a lot of care, but steam ironing is recommended for this.

How is a Glow Fabric made?

A glow in the dark fabric is made through the chemical dyeing of the material with photo luminescent material. There are three kinds of products that are used as glow in the dark or UV reactive fabric.

  1. Fluorescent

UV light invisible to the naked eyes glows when emitted on fluorescence material. The light source cannot be seen, just the fluorescent material illuminates, glowing in the dark on exposure. The whole phenomenon is based on shifting wavelengths which are why the fluorescent color disappears as soon as the black light is turned on.

There are limited fluorescent dyes available; fluorescent yellow works well on cotton material, and as far as silk, wool or nylon is concerned, fluorescent acid dye is appropriate.


  1. Fluorescent Fabric Paint

Another option of creating a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) glow in the dark fabric for different needs like quilting is fluorescent fabric paint. This fabric paint has pigment particles dispersed in a binder that mimics a glue and makes the pigments stick to the cloth.

A glow in the dark paint will remain radiant even after several hours of visible light exposure; a better name for this process is phosphorescence. Proper phosphorescence dyes are not available. However, its pigments are easily turned into paint.

  1. Photochromic Pigment

This third product is completely different from the two previous ones.. This is a true ultraviolet reacting agent; it reacts with UV and is not fluorescing. A photochromic color material that is different in the regular lights indoors and reacts differently in sunlight outdoors. This pigment gives off two different kinds of color in different light sources, two in one.

Some Facts about Glow in the Dark fabrics 

  • A luminous picture on a white based fabric will glow brighter and for a longer time span than that on a black or any dark colored background. 
  • Right color combinations often give a three-dimensional effect. 
  • A glow in the dark fabric reaches its maximum capacity in under two minutes. 

How Long Does This Fabric Glow for?

A glow in the dark material, when exposed to direct light for a period of 5-15 minutes radiates light from itself for a few hours.

Is Glow in the Dark Fabric Safe?

Absolutely.  Glow in the Dark fabric is safe for human use. The material is phosphor, a component that absorbs energy. It expels light when soaked in considerable amount of light. The fabric is soft and does not hinder comfort at all, and suited for use for infant products.  

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