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Forget Me Not Sew Along


Forget me not quilt along is scheduled in a way that it is completed as soon as the year hits November, which is signified as an Alzheimer awareness month. This activity aims to raise awareness about the disease mentioned above.

This campaign is not only beneficial in terms of medical knowledge but also a great quilting experience. 

Hexagonal Forget Me Not Quilt Along          

Sewing or quilting projects bring joy for some people, and as a rookie, this sew along can be of great help. Follow the 11-step process described below and get your very own Forget Me Not Quilt for use.

For this quilt, 1inch hexagonal patches are used for making a hexagonal flower. Navy blue for the center and beige in the outer covering, you may use any contrasting colors per your liking. We have multiple prints of strips, small flowers, leaves, and others; each will be used for a matching pattern. Let’s start quilting!

Step 1: 

The first step is preparing the center. Our flower is hexagonal in shape; therefore we will cut it into a six (6) sided shape. Once selected and placed, we will make six (6) pieces of single blue flower, six (6) patches of blue stripped hexagons, and eighteen (18) beige dotted hexagons.

Take your center and the blue patches and stitch one from each set in a circular fashion. Once through with blue, take the beige hexagonal pieces and attach them on the outer side of the centerpiece.

Step 2: 

Now that you have a big blue and beige coordinating initial flower let us take it up a notch and gradually make it bigger. Now, make another set of 36 blue patches with 2-sided leaf printed on it. Do not stack them aside as soon as you are done with the last patch. Set them together in a linear pattern and stitch. 1 patch on top 2 on the next and then 3 on the 3rd layer.

Once done with this, move on to the next until you have used all 36 hexagons. Now, take these pieces and stitch them on the beige outline of your flower with one block gap each.

Step 3: 

Keep the big flower we just made aside for now and grab one hexagon blue tiled patch and 5 beige flower patches making blue tiled patch the center. Once you have stitched them in a circular shape, repeat and make 6 such patch works for later use.

Step 4:

You are doing great until now in this sew along, impressive. This step includes making a ring of dotted beige patches and stitching them along the lines of your latest patchwork, do it for all 6 circles.

Step 5:

It is now time to join the blocks we made in Step 4 to the big flower we prepared and set aside earlier. Grab the flower and sew along these beige blocks on the sides. It is better that you stitch 2 extra beige hexagons for filling the gap between the navy triangular patch.

Step 6:

We hope you are doing fine so far; let’s move along. We will make six half flowers of navy blue and beige together in this step. 24 blue flower hexagons with two leaf ones 6 in number. 

Make half circles and attach them like a cap on the big flower’s beige line. 

Step 7:

It is now time for making a ring for encapsulating the flower patch we are in process of making. Prepare 30 dotted beige hexagons and fix them with the center flower. 

Step 8: 

You might think that the color of your Forget Me Not Quilt is a bit too dry; let's add a hint of blue on the sides again for some edge. Prepare a scrappy border and line the whole quilt. 

Step 9: 

We will now turn this circular flower into a more star like shape. For that, we will need 120 double leaves dark blue hexagon, 114 beige and blue mixed patches, along with 24 tiled blue patches. Now, join the hexagons in an M-shaped structure.

Leaf patches on the outer region are beige and blue in the center, with the tiled blue patch as a focal point on each side. Prepare a total of 6 of these M-shaped patches and sew them on the center flower.

Step 10: 

You are now closer to the finish line. Forget Me Not Quilt has rapidly increased in size, and now final patchwork is needed. We will add another layer of beige and blue contrasting rhombus and hexagons.  

Attach each mixed patch at the dips of the outermost dark blue layer. This will change the star shape into circular once again and will serve as the second last layer.

Step 11: 

It is now time for making the final layer. All you need is 270 beige colored dotted hexagon small patches sewn to change the shape into a proper rectangular quilt.


This is the end of your Forget Me, Not Quilting journey. For final touches, trim and bind the edges using a rotary cutter. You may choose between adding a border or not. Once the final touches are complete, you're done!

Royal Motif Fabrics is here with you on every step of your quilting journey. In case you want to know more or are stuck anywhere, feel free to contact us any day!

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