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17 Unique Ways of using Fabric Panels


A fabric panel is used for quilting, wall hanging or any other project. The panel has a design printed on it and is used as one piece, having a picture of a flower bouquet, trees, or characters. There are several benefits of using a fabric panel which are:

  • It is an easy and quick method to do a project by simply adding borders.
  • Fabric panels are suitable for making dolls, complete outfits, labels, and (fabric books)
  • Along with quilt patterns, these fabrics are appropriate for making seasonal decorations, wall hangings, table clothes etc.

Usually, fabric panels come in a range of approximately 24 – 36 inches and 42 inches in height. Multiple digitally printed fabrics have life like saturated colors available.

17 Distinct Ideas of Using Fabric Panels. 

Here are some fantastic ideas for incorporating fabric panels in your quilting or other crafty projects. 

  1. Cheater Quilt 

Cheater quilts are perfect for new quilters. They have a pre-printed quilt top along with a patchwork design which allows skipping the piecing. All you need to do is simply layer the front, batting and the back, quilt and bind them together.

This type of fabric panel aids in making a quilt without any other piece of cutting material. 

  1. Center Medallion 

Another method of using a fabric panel is making it a centerpiece of the quilt. Add multiple frames around the corners, and you have a beautiful quilt ready for use.

  1. Creative Borders 

Fabric panels are easily used as a center; just add up borders on all the corners for a perfect finish. You can easily exchange or mix and match panels for creating a perfectly unique project. 

  1. Toys and 3-D Items 

It is also possible to make soft toys or other 3-Dimensional items using these panels.

  1. Make a theme 

The fabric panel is used as a center; you can surround it with coordinating colors. For example, take a mountain pattern in the center and round it up using white or light blue color as a perfect match. 

  1. Fabric Panel with other Blocks

This type is fixed and used up with other cut fabrics. The dimensions are very common and can easily fit with counterparts. Its size is appropriate for use as a center as well.

  1. Attic Window 

The panels are linearly set with each other giving it an attic window look.

  1. Triptych Patch 

A triptych pattern is well suited with fabric panels for creating a unique quilting design. You can add an applique of flowers for giving it an edge.

  1. Starting Points for Bedding Quilts

With a little more planning and other pattern designs, you can make a bedding quilt. Select two kinds of designs, set one as a focal point, and sew the matching patterns around it. 

  1. Digitally Printed Squares For Table Cloth

Large squares and rectangles with specific digital prints are suitably grouped together, making a perfect piece used as a tablecloth or table runner/

  1. Panel to Make Bags 

Another creative way is to make drawstring bags using fabric panels. All you need is a panel for the center, inner and outer borders, along with binding fabric and a draw string. 

  1. Table Topper 

A quilted table topper needs 4 block panel fabrics. It is an easy method that requires minimal tools like a sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting mat, and binding clips. Making it is pretty easy as well. First, take the center panel, stitch the top and bottom strips, and combine the 4 block panels to complete the project.

  1. Tote Bags 

These bags are easy to make, and even kids can join in on the sewing fun. Tote bags are very convenient for keeping school supplies in place. You need a half yard of fabric panel for the back and front sides each and 1 yard for a 2 inches wide ribbon. The size depends on your choice; bigger panels would make bigger bags. 

  1. Pillows 

Fabric panels save a lot of time when it comes to doing different projects just like this one. These panels allow the maker to play with multiple designs all at once. You can easily make a pillow using 36 inches x42 inches panels. They are equipped with dotted lines for simple cutting, and straight lines do not make the fabric stretch, which is a plus. 

  1. Patchwork Quilt 

It is one of the best ways of starting your quilting journey. This project is simple and requires few multiple square panels only. A patchwork quilt looks exquisite and is eye catching, all you have to do is stitch the blocks of fabric together. There are various designs available. Therefore you can either go for a specific pattern or mix and match whichever way you want.

  1. Hoop Embroidery 

Quilting and bedding projects are fun but you can also make use of this precut fabric for creating a ring embroidery for placing it as a décor piece. Select the design you want and get an 8 or 9 inches ring/ hoop, and start right off. You can write a quote or make floral patterns; it is up to you, whatever goes well with the theme set up.

  1. Zip Pouches 

Zip pouches are great for children and adults alike and are especially a hit amongst girls. It has various uses from keeping jewelry to makeup, stationery and is also useful as a play bag! You will need a zipper and 2 full fabric panel pieces, sew them together, and you are done.


Fabric panels are advantageous as they save time as well as energy. They are used for a wide range of projects making the sewing journey fun and constructive. Reach out to Royal Motif Fabrics for the best fabric panel material for yourself, today.

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