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10 Ways To Properly Style Your Floral Dress


Nothing beats the urge of wearing a floral dress on a fresh spring or summer day. Choice of a light weighing material with a comfy pair of shoes or strappy sandals is the comfort we aspire for. With the change in weather and warm air, more skin gets daylight, and floral fabric sundresses are the best in the game.

When we talk about floral print on a fabric, it is not confined to a particular design; you can choose any pattern that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. The best part about using floral fabrics is that the dresses fit for both day and nighttime events with changes in hues, from light to dark.

Moreover, other than color tones, various types of dresses are made using floral print fabric; all you need to do is choose the right fabric. The options are endless, from light, airy A-line dresses to skin-tight bodycon. In this blog, we have provided valuable information about floral dresses, their versatile nature and many ways you can style them in.

This kind of pattern has dominant colors; which works like a pro and a con too; however, you can flip the con with the knowledge color combination that suits you best. Let’s further discuss the type of prints you can go for, shoes, jewelry etc., for a full style statement.

Choosing the Right Floral Print / Fabric 

Floral prints are diverse and indefinite; therefore, choosing a suitable print for yourself is crucial. You must know what kind of prints look good on you and enhance your look. Think about it, what kind of prints look best big or small flowers, spacious or close together? The options are endless.

It is usually thought that large-sized flower patterns look better on petite bodies, and it is not recommended for plus-sized curvy ones since they may add extra edges. Shapely bodies look best and toned with tiny flowers that give a solid color impression. Dark solids are suitable for providing a uniform tailored look, more like slim illusion.

If you fall in neither category, then playing with a balanced floral pattern is the best bet. If the print as a final article makes you have second thoughts, try pairing it up with a belt or a scarf.

Color Pairing 

Decent pair up is crucial for the final look of the floral printed sundress. It plays a pivotal point; for example, a design with flowers spread overlooks best when paired with neutral or nude shades; it helps tone down the overall appearance.

Neutrals such as black, beige, nudes, shades of white are often the major tones that dominate everyone’s wardrobe, so there is no need for extra spending.

Pattern Clashes 

Women have their days when they feel more confident and powerful. Channel your inner diva, ditch your regular natural colors and opt for pattern mix.

Accessorizing a Floral Printed Dress 

Accessories can often serve as a distraction from your beautiful dress. Therefore, you should have a good understanding of pairing stuff for pulling everything together. Here are some pointers for you:. 


Floral dresses have bright, notable color tones; therefore, accessorizing them with heavy bold jewelry is not the right choice. Instead, you should go for something delicate and subtle. Studs look reasonably good with a bracelet; always remember; less is more!


Shoes can literally make or break any outfit. Try contrasting the colors rather than opting for the same shade; this advice is particularly for dark themed floral prints; with such dresses, always wear nudes or neutral sandals or wedges. Or, you can also go for all black accessories for adding an extra oomph like gladiators or stilettos, black bag and jewelry.


Handbags are supposed to be the opposite contrast to the dress; if the background is loud, you tone it down with the help of a neutral bag and bold when you need a color pop. All in all, the bag should match and balance the ensemble. However, if your floral is two-toned, using a stable solid handbag such as a red bag is the safest option.


The belt is one of those accessories that not everybody can easily pull off; it adds oomph and gives a chic look. A black or white floral printed dress may work very well with a blue or red contrasting belt. 


You have an option when it comes to donning outerwear, it depends majorly on the weather. If you want to go for it anyway, a leather or denim jacket often adds a casual appearance to the entire look.

Makeup Tips 

Just like accessories, makeup also plays an important role. Bold patterns with neutral light makeup is what most makeup artists opt for. Usually, it is the lip color that changes the entire game. Therefore, choose the right tone that compliments your dress and your face.

You must ensure the right balance between the eye makeup tips. If one is heavy, the other should be light for equity. For example, if your dress is lightly shaded, take it up a scale by pairing it with bold lips and soft simmer eyes.

Hairstyle that Goes with the Dress

Channel your inner flower girl, play with your hair! Messy buns with a few strands on the face always look chic on a summer day. You can also opt for ponytails or braids if buns are not your thing.


Floral dresses are a part of ultra-feminine apparel. Although the patterns and designs are hard to work with, you can conquer them all with the right pairing and tips mentioned above! If you are looking for the best fabric for your floral dress, head to Royal Motif Fabrics, we are here for you.

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