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How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric


The upholstery fabric for your new sofa is quite a big investment. You don’t want to feel differently about it after the piece is delivered to your doorsteps. The first thing that people often think when considering buying upholstery fabric is the color. Yes, making a mistake on the pattern or color can make the whole room suffer. However, choosing the right material is also crucial. So before you pick your new upholstery fabric, read this guide to find out what you should choose in terms of comfort, style, and durability.

Here’s how to choose the right upholstery fabric to live happily for years!

What Is Upholstery?

Before jumping straight into our topic, let’s look at what upholstery means?

Upholstery is the material that makes up the soft coverings of sofas, armchairs, and other furniture. It involves stuffing seats and furniture with padding, webbing, foam, cushions, or springs into frames and covering it with upholstery fabric.

Though you can always change the fabric depending on wear and tear, choosing the right inner layers will make it comfortable, beautiful, and long-lasting.   

Exciting tips for choosing upholstery fabric


The durability of fabric varies depending on which room it is used in and who uses it. Therefore, your fabric selection should be based on how often you use it, whether your children and pets live in the house, and other personal aspects of the family.

For high durability, you can consider woven patterns as they usually last longer than printed ones. This is because they have tight weaves and higher thread counts. If your pets share your sofa with you, consider leather or microfiber fabric as they can withstand extra wear and tear.


When it comes to choosing the right upholstery fabric, consider how it complements the interior décor of your room and other pieces of furniture. For example, the traditional-style fabric is an excellent choice if you have a vintage theme for your room.

Moreover, you should consider the pattern’s scale. It should be harmonious with the size of the furniture it’s covering and the room. A general rule is that a bold pattern is often better for a large room, while a more muted one might work better in a smaller space.


The fabric’s color is among the most important factors for most people. It has a major impact on your interior décor, especially if the furniture is large enough to dominate the entire room.

Make sure you choose the color with which you can live happily for a longer run. One way to strike the right mood is through the color temperature. Cool and warm colors affect the room's atmosphere and help you decide while buying upholstery fabric online.

Special Considerations

There are some special considerations that you should consider before buying upholstery furniture. Ask yourself these questions:

Does your room get sun exposure, or does it have dampness?

Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies?

Do you have pets that share the furniture with you?

  • Fade resistance is an important factor if your room gets a lot of sunlight.
  • You can consider mildew resistance in fabric if you live in a humid climate.
  • If anyone suffers from allergies in your home, you can consider microfiber fabric as it is lint-free and doesn’t attract dust.
  • You can buy pet-friendly upholstery fabric online if you have pets. On the other hand, avoid using silk or any other delicate fabric if you share your furniture with pets.
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Rapid delivery much appreciated!

Rapid delivery much appreciated!

My first choice for fabric shops on Etsy

My first choice for fabric shops on Etsy

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RMF has been amazing for us. We are a 4 store coffee shop on a tiny island in the middle of the pacific and I have been trying to locate fabric for almost a year that would actually ship to Guam. FINALLY I have found it. The best part is, the fabric is also a great quality product and it arrives very quickly. RMF accommodated my large order twice so far and I hope to continue a long time relationship with RMF.

Great assortment for cathedral windows

Great assortment for cathedral windows

Quick ship, quality fabric! Thx!

Quick ship, quality fabric! Thx!